What is Shu-katsu?  終活とは(英語)


〈終活 Shu-katsu〉

Shu-katsu (終活)is an abbreviation of your activity for the end of your life. (人生の終わりのための活動)
“終”means end, “活”(活動)means activity, action.

Shu-katsu is a word meaning of your action, activities for the preparation of the end of your life. The action is for instance, purchasing your personal grave in advance, especially the one any cares by your children or descendants are not required after your death, as having a family grave and keep it respectably treated by your descendants, from generation to generation is traditional and popular idea in Japan (in Buddhistic style) . The other action and activities are leaving your wish for your funeral, as well as the money for it, making your will, distributing your mementos by yourself, and so on.

It is a coined word originally from a Japanese weekly magazine, “Weekly ASAHI.” The word was getting popular in year 2010, then gaining recognition among Japanese seniors.

Additional note;
There is a very popular word “就活”Shu-katsu in Japanese, which is an abbreviation of “就職活動”Shu shoku katsu dou. 就活 means job hunting.

Pronunciation of “就活”and “終活”are exactly the same in Japanese.

〈Ending Note〉

Ending Note is a Japanese English, meaning a note book mostly for seniors who may be facing the end of your life in not that far future, of leaving your wishes with your funeral, grave, mementos and so on. Most of Ending Note are itemized and organized well, so that the seniors are easy to fill out without missing something important. Although, the note book itself is basically not valid legally.

〈What does “Shu-katsu” mean in English?〉 (For just in case you’re unable to see the text above properly.)



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